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Minutes of FVL AGM Tuesday 17th September 2014

  1. Present:
    Committee Members: Evelyn Knowles (Chair), Fred Woodworth (Vice Chair), Lesley Telford (Membership Secretary), Jane Nash, Tess Jessop, Penny Betts, Claire Grant. The meeting was quorate as per the FVL constitution.
    Minutes: Olivia Hamilton
    Members: Roger Booth, Ann Putterill, Heather Whatley.
    For the Library: Tanith Hicks.

  2. Apologies for Absence.
    Apologies were received from Nava Young, Val Bridgeman, Jim Morgan, Sue Morgan, Hilary Davies.

  3. Welcome from the Chair.

    The Chair welcomed the group to the meeting.

  4. Approval of Minutes of the AGM 2013.

    The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

  5. Chair's Report.

    From the 4th January 2011 to 7th February 2011 the Isle of Wight Council ran a consultation document entitled 'A new chapter: a fresh direction for the Island's libraries'. This title was intended to lull you into a false sense of security. It was intended to make you think that something momentous was going to happen to libraries on the Island and it would be good. Well it was momentous for those who lost jobs that they loved and it was momentous for those who found themselves without a library as they knew it. However, Ventnor was one of those that kicked back. A support group was quickly formed, leaflets printed and delivered and a general air of excitement cut through all the bad news. As a result of all the work that was done at that time and the 'silent' support of library staff, we are here today able and willing to plan lots of activities and future events.

    During this past year we have worked with library staff to enjoy lots of children's events including four organised by Isle of Arts and some run by Elizabeth Lovely, who has now moved off the Island. We had Halloween spooky readings and storytelling; love poems on Valentine's Day and celebrations on World Book Day followed by being entertained by writer Geraldine McCauchean the following evening. Other local writers, John Goodwin, David Yates and Jan Toms have given us their time and the local writing group gave us the income from the sale of their e-book, Telling Tales. John Nash gave us a guitar concert; Christine Benson organised a second calendar; we celebrated World Library Day, held a Journal workshop for adults and the Library's Summer Fete were all enjoyed.

    At Christmas 2013 we said goodbye to our dear Tess only to have her pop up again as a Friend and join the Committee. Very welcome she is too. Tess, along with Penny Betts and Lesley Telford, have been the essential people behind the scenes in getting our recent displays along the back wall. The Trueman photographic exhibition was very popular and soon caught the attention of the County Press, and we hope to run it again in the new year. The 'Before the Lamps went Out' exhibition was based on social history before the first World War and was equally popular. The current exhibition is about Celebrating Age and features lots of local faces and their stories. Put together by Telling Tales writing group.

    So, we go on. We stick with the purpose that formed FVL in the first place. That purpose is to bring more people into the library on a regular basis. Tanith and Jackie need to be thanked for all the support they give us and the sharing of their ideas. We have lists of things we want to do in the future and for that we need your continuing membership and ideas. We also welcome your help. Perhaps you have skills you can share with us - Cake making: making things from recycled materials; music making; mince pies at Xmas; or perhaps coming along to help at events. Any offers can be given to Tanith or Jackie or me if I am around.

    Evelyn Knowles.

  6. Approval of Accounts from 31st August 2013 to 31st August 2014.

    The Chair gave an overview of the accounts as summarised below:

    Balance brought forward £2127.60
    Income £3162.66
    Expenditure £1354.41
    Balance as at 4.9.14 £3935.85

    It was noted that, although expenditure on events and the children's library had been made, a number of donations had been received during the year and therefore the balance was circa £3,900 in credit.

    Clarification was requested about donations given to other organisations, and it was noted that these were small donations to Isle of Arts, the RSPCA and the knitting group for services / performances. Copies of the accounts would be sent to the Committee by email in order that they may see all the details.

    It was noted that fundraising would need to be considered during the next year. The Attic Sale had attracted some interest and could be repeated. Children's and adults writers would be desirable and could be approached to see if they would speak at the Library and potentially deliver a masterclass or educational workshop at another venue. Speakers with a local / island connection would be preferable.

    The accounts were approved by the Membership Secretary and seconded by Fred Woodworth.

  7. Membership Secretary?s Report.

    We currently have 57 adult members (20 new members, 33 renewals, and 4 life members). I sent out a 'reminder' in late August to people who had not renewed during the year, and six people sent me very nice messages saying they had forgotten to renew, and promising to do so, so these figures may have gone up. I quote one of them:

    "Very many thanks for the reminder, Lesley. I'll pay my subscription some time this week when I go to the library (best on the island - no, in the world!) "

    Membership numbers are holding up fairly well. At this time last year we had 60 members (57 this year) 35 new members (less this year - 20) plus 25 renewals (more renewals this year - 33). Very roughly speaking, it seems to me that we have a solid core of about 25 -30 long standing members who renew each year . Each year another 25 - 30 new members join but a lot of these don't renew. We had quite a few new members who joined last year at the 'Ventnor Community Day' at St Catherine's last September - it may be that this will be repeated if we have another 'Community Day', planned for early next year in Salisbury Gardens.

    (NB for anyone with sharp eyes, I gave the membership numbers in my report last year as 95, but had included all the children on our lists; children are free, and we have no record of children renewing or 'growing up', so I have stopped included them in our count of members.

    Communicating with members:
    The FVL website is updated regularly, as is our Facebook page. I do depend on people sending me information to put out there. We do have a Twitter account, but I haven't used it yet. I am not sure that it is really suitable for what we are doing. I put together our 'Now Read On' FVL email newsletter several time a year, and people seem to appreciate it. Some members have asked if it is possible to have the newsletter posted to them, but sadly time and money mean this is not really possible, although we do print a copy out for the noticeboard in the library.

    Lesley Telford.

    Approx 60 members have email accounts. The remainder utilise the notice board for the newsletter. Tess volunteered to assist with contacting those not on email, once per year, potentially for a social event.

    The membership secretary had checked data protection requirements with regards to the membership database. All requirements are being fulfilled and no changes are required at this stage.

  8. Election of Officers for the coming year.

    Evelyn Knowles was proposed by Tess Jessop. This was seconded by Claire Grant and approved by the group.

    Vice - Chair.
    Fred Woodworth was proposed by Evelyn Knowles. This was seconded by Lesley Telford and approved by the group.?
    Membership Secretary.
    Lesley Telford was proposed by Tess Jessop. This was seconded by Evelyn Knowles and approved by the group.

    Honorary Treasurer.
    Nava Young was proposed by the Evelyn Knowles. This was seconded by Jane Nash and approved by the group.

    Publicity Officer.
    Lesley Telford proposed Evelyn Knowles. This was seconded by Claire Grant and approved by the group.

    Minute Secretary.
    Olivia Hamilton was proposed by Evelyn Knowles. This was seconded by Jane Nash and approved by the group.

    Members of the Executive Committee.
    Penny Betts; Claire Grant; Jane Nash; Tess Jessop; Jim Morgan and Hilary Davies were proposed by Evelyn Knowles. This was seconded by Lesley Telford and approved by the group. Ann Putterill was proposed by Tess Jessop. This was seconded by Claire Grant and approved by the group.

    It was agreed that a card be sent to Jim and Sue to thank them for their involvement and support.

  9. Any Motions to be proposed must be given not less than 16 days before the meeting.

    The chair proposed that future meetings are held on a Wednesday at 18.30. This was agreed by the group.

    Post meeting note: date of next meeting confirmed:

    Wednesday 29th October at 6.30pm.
    Committee only, to be held at 1B Madeira Road.

    The meeting was closed.

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