Ventnor Library Reading Group, 19th July 2018

On a monthly basis we normally read books by a particular author, or a nominated genre, or a novel selected from the library reading group list but at this meeting we read ‘Bel Canto’ by Ann Patchett. This was a book purchase by the group. Under a library scheme we occasionally buy a book and at each meeting donate a small amount towards our own choice.

The book is about a group of people in Peru invited to a birthday party in Peru at the Vice President’s house to encourage a Japanese industrialist to invest in that country. Included in the group were prominent members of society and a world class opera soprano. The party is crashed by a group of terrorists who want to kidnap the President but unfortunately the plan goes horribly wrong since the President wasn’t attending. The standoff continues for some months and the book explores how the relationships between the party members and terrorists develop in often interesting and unexpected ways.

I personally have never seen such an animated response from the group. Everybody had something to say. The majority loved it but were a little disappointed at the ending.

We are taking a summer break and will meet again on the 19th September to discuss books connected with Russia. It could be a novel; something historical; travel based; political; literally anything.

We normally meet at 6 pm every third Wednesday of the month.

Roger Booth

July 19, 2018