The Daphne Carter photograph collection

Daphne Carter spent decades creating a photographic record of Ventnor.

So future generations can enjoy this, she bequeathed the albums to the IoW Library Service. The albums are stored upstairs in the library along with the extensive sheet music archive.

FVL would like to create a digital copy of Daphne’s work so it will not diminish with time (as they are paper photos), and also so the work might be made available to a wider audience over the Internet.

Our Treasurer, John Carter, in the process of applying for finance from the “Small Grants, Small Items” project, supported by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Community Fund. If successful this will be used to purchase items such as memory sticks and Internet space to store the digitised photographs, and software to organise and create albums.

The FVL committee is creating a workflow process that can be followed to consistently, safely and accurately scan an estimated 10,000+ photographs. Once on line they need to be analysed and as much meta data as possible, such description, location and date taken, added. For example, Daphne left notes on the rear of above photograph saying “Spring Cott, St Lw 1991-07-29”, and the photograph was in an album entitled “Water”. We can obviously deduce the date, and we are assuming it is a photograph of a building called “Spring Cottage” in St Lawrence. One of the interesting aspects of this project will be obtaining details regarding Daphne’s photographs if the surrounding have changed significantly since she took them.

The committee would be interested in hearing from anyone who could help in the definition of the archiving/scanning processes; especially if they have previously experience in this area.

The committee would also like to recruit a large number of volunteers who would be interested in providing some of their time to help follow the process and scan some photographs.

If you would like to help please contact the committee.

February 2, 2018