October 2017 newsletter

General meeting: Wednesday 1st November at 6.30 pm, in the Library

There will be a general meeting for all FVL members on Wednesday 1 November, 6.30 pm in the Library. It

would be good if we could have as many members as possible there – it is your chance to find out what is

being planned, and give your views. Please come if you can – we need your thoughts and ideas.

‘Ventnor in Touch’ – Update

‘Ventnor in Touch’ is the project funded by ‘Awards for All England’ (a Big Lottery funded programme) which has provided tablet computers for free use in the Library and weekly sessions to help people get to know how to use them. I reported in the January Newsletter how we purchased the equipment and made a successful start to the project itself. Since then, the help sessions have continued; over 70 different people have benefited from them, many attending more than once. Other developments have been:

• We have purchased a wireless enabled printer for the Library. With a simple free app installed on your tablet, you can print photos and documents. This is a free service, though contributions towards paper costs are welcome.

• We have worked with Action on Hearing Loss UK to identify and purchase some add-ons for the tablets which help people with hearing difficulties to get the most from them. This equipment is available for anyone to try out at the Library so that they can assess its usefulness for them.

• We set up a Library ‘AwayDay’ at St. Margaret’s Hall Lowtherville at which we demonstrated the tablets and publicised other Library facilities. There is no WiFi at the Hall, so we purchased and used a mobile WiFi hotspot which will be ideal for similar events in the future.

All of the extra equipment mentioned above was purchased, with permission from ‘Awards for All’, using savings made when the tablets and other equipment were purchased.

Our ‘Ventnor in Touch’ weekly sessions were due to end in August, but it was clear from the number coming to our Help sessions that we needed to continue with these, so if you would like to come along on Wednesday afternoon, please make an appointment by telephone to the Library on 852309 or by email to info@friendsofventnorlibrary.co.uk The last session of 2017 will be held on December 6th.

John Carter (Treasurer)

Library activities over the summer months

After last year’s successful show, Huxley the Magician returned to Ventnor Library. This year’s magic show held in August attracted 40 children and adults, all of whom seemed to thoroughly enjoy the event.

Whilst the cost of £80 (paid for by FVL) may seem a lot for an hour’s entertainment, the show was incredibly well received and was one of the highlights of the summer programme. We would like to run this event again next year and the only thing we would add is that perhaps another couple of FVL members could come and help with refreshments and, more importantly, rattle the donations tin. Even if people only put a £1 in, that covers half the cost.

Other events for children included making bug headbands, painted pebbles and decorating a shoebag. This was in addition to the usual Lego and Minecraft fortnightly clubs.

All the above events were funded by FVL and we would not be able to run them without this financial support. However, there are times when we could do with at least another pair of ‘helping hands’ for the craft events, and perhaps this is one area FVL members could consider assisting us. As well as helping us with the children’s craft, photos could be taken to promote FVL.

Thank you to Evelyn for again refreshments for the Author’s event in June.

Thank you to John Carter for running the tablet training. His help and patience has benefited many people to overcome their fear and lack of confidence in accessing the web and online services. Clearly good advertising pays off, as the piece in last week’s County Press resulted in many members of the public turning out on the first session on the 5 September.

Thank you for FVL’s continued support and we hope this will continue in order that we can run further events for the people of Ventnor.

Sandra Dawson, Ventnor Library

Library Open Day Raffle

On the Library Open Day held on April 18, we held a Raffle and thanks to the many generous donations

received we raised £82.00. Our local shops, Boots, Central Stores, (as it was known then), the Co-op and

Tesco very kindly donated several prizes. Letters of thanks, and details of the money raised were sent to

these local stores after the event.

Angela Harrison (FVL Secretary)

FVL web site – Help needed!

The web site is currently being managed by Officers who have other responsibilities; we would like to encourage more members to play a part in running the organisation, and are looking for a volunteer to take over responsibility for the regular update of the site. If you would like to volunteer for this role, please email info@friendsofventnorlibrary.co.uk

Help with setting things up, and with sorting out any problems, will be available if required.

A Message from FVL Chair, Evelyn Knowles:

We’ve celebrated five AGMs in the lifetime of ‘The Friends of Ventnor Library’ and many of you have stayed the course, giving us your financial support as well as your individual involvement.

You remain part of the team and that helps us to plan ahead.

When we first heard of the possibility of Ventnor Central as relocation for the library, we realised that our campaigning days were no longer as urgent. We had to think again about what we could assist with and discover what were the important issues coming out of this new plan.

Our Treasurer was first to come up with a possible scheme to attract more interest in the library. You probably all know by now that it was a successful grant application that enabled us to introduce residents to new technology. Known now as “Ventnor in Touch”, it worked better than we ever imagined and is continuing.

Secondly, there was the question of how do we now make the best use of the FVL membership income. The library staff quickly solved that question. They wanted to do far more activities for the children and financial help from the County was at an all time low. Since then they have explained what activities they would like to add to those they already do. They then assessed the cost of materials, and applied to the Friends. In fact, applied to you. Lego, crayons, paint and paper and shows such as Huxley (the all time favourite) have been able to go ahead.

The staff asked us if we could also offer our time to help with these children’s events when they are extra busy. Those of us who can have said they shall. Perhaps there are some of you who would like to offer some time.

I hope you find the newsletter of interest and will renew your membership in January 2018. We continue to need your support. Thank you.

Evelyn Knowles (Chair)

Reminder: free entry to Ventnor Heritage Centre all winter

Ventnor Heritage Centre is offering free entry to anyone with a Ventnor Library card, or an FVLmembership card. Just show your card at the desk; free entry lasts until early May 2018.This is to thank FVL for their support when the Heritage Centre was applying for Heritage Lottery funding for new equipment and a new website.Heritage Centre opening hours:Until Saturday 28 October the Heritage Centre is open five days a week Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm). For the rest of the winter opening hours are Saturday mornings only, 10 am to 12.30 pm.

Lesley (FVL Membership Secretary)
October 10, 2017

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