New website; new author

Hi, I’m Ian and I’m now the author of the FVL website.
I spotted a request in the November newsletter asking for help in running the website.
As with many voluntary organisations it is often a small number of hard core members who do the majority of the work.
Our Treasurer, John Carter, was doing a perfectly good job of running the website, but this sentence represents an issue in itself – John was Treasurer, web author, and many other things. Some delegation and sharing would really help.
So I offered to help, and I migrated John’s content into a program called WordPress, which is free, and also supported by the libraries existing hosting company.
John now has a little more time as he has been able to delegate web authoring to me.
WordPress provides templates which give a consistent look and feel, and provide useful automatic background services such as resizing pages for smartphones, tablets, laptops, or PCs. It is very easy to add content, and items can be added almost as quickly as they can be typed, as there is no need to use the underlying coding and structures that make websites work. For example, this item was created on my phone, and quickly uploaded by hitting the “Publish” button.
I have enjoyed moving from being a paying member of FVL to a more active member.
The members I have met are always fun to talk too, and have a passion to see the library succeed.

February 4, 2018