From the Steering Group

As always there have been several constructive meetings between representatives of Library management, the Town Council and FVL this year. We particularly thank Rob Jones (Head of Libraries) and Tanith, and Jason Mack and David Bartlett (Mayor and Town Clerk respectively) from Ventnor Town Council for their commitment and enthusiasm.

It was disappointing to hear that due to financial restructuring the Housing Association which was to provide the space for the new Library, had to withdraw. However we are told that the County Council is still committed to relocating the Library to a more accessible location, in a fit for purpose building, in the future.

In the meantime much needed, essential repairs are to be done on the existing roof in the spring. This will necessitate the building being closed for a period and it is hoped to have a “pop up” Library somewhere in the town during the closure, possibly in Ventnor Central. At least once those repairs are done there should be fewer leaks, you will notice the “temporary repair” to the hole in the ceiling above the desk! There are no plans to spend any other large sums on the existing building as there is still the proposal to move the Library.

There has been some discussion of the Library taking a more active part in Ventnorville in the coming year, beyond that which Jackie, Sandra and others provide regularly on Saturdays. Perhaps that is something FVL and its members could support? We do need more active member participation if we are to continue to support the work of the Library staff. John is looking at grant applications to allow us to provide more resources for projects to enhance the Library.Once again we thank Ventnor Town Council for providing the financial and moral support alongside the County Council in this our partnership Library. Without VTC, we would not have two paid members of staff and County with its stretched budget would have to foot all the utility bills.

John Carter and Tess Jessop

March 7, 2018