Friends of Ventnor Library AGM, Wednesday 14th March 2018

Held at 11.00 a.m. in Ventnor Library.


Ann Allen, Christine Benson, Graham Benson, Ian Brownlow, John Carter, Linda Chester, Jim Fraser, Angela Harrison, Tess Jessop, Evelyn Knowles, Julie Roberts, Lesley Telford and Fred Woodworth.


Apologies were received from Val Bridgeman, Roger Booth, Pam Carter, Claire Grant, Gail Mathie, and Jane Nash.


Amendments included:

  • Header should have included the year 2017.
  • Item 3 should read 2016 and not 2015.
  • The minutes were proposed by Fred Woodworth, seconded by Evelyn Knowles and unanimously agreed.


Evelyn welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance, and explained that it had been hoped it would be easier for members to attend the meeting in the morning instead of the evening, hence the change to 11. 00 a.m. after coffee. Evelyn explained that the content of the most recent Newsletter formed the basis of her report. She advised there is disappointment about the delayed move of the Library. She advised that Tess and John attend the Steering Group meetings and that this would be discussed in item 8. She reported that Library staff have provided good activity days for the children throughout the year. Regretfully Daphne died recently and the work continues in small groups to catalogue the photos and make them accessible to all. Evelyn requested volunteers to assist in the process.

4. TREASURER’S REPORT. (Copy report circulated).

John, the Treasurer, presented the Receipts and Payments Account for the year ended 31 December 2017.

Balance brought forward £3347. 68.

Receipts consisted of ;

  • Donations              401.91  including residual grant funds.
  • Events.                     92.00
  • High Sheriff Fund  400.00 planned use 3 magic workshops and a High Sheriff tea. One workshop and the tea took place on February 16. A letter of thanks from the High Sheriff was circulated.
  • Subscriptions.                           177.00.

Payments consisted of ;

  • Administration.                           251.38
  • Donations.                                       25.00.
  • Events fees and expenses.         217.71 i.e. Craft materials
  • Event refreshments.                       30.86
  • IT WI-FI Hub mobile.                        54.79.
  • Advertising.                                       16.00 i.e. stickers for Ventnor Day.
  • VIT project                                      499.94. i.e. WI-FI Printer and Hearing device aids for use with the tablet computers.

Residual grant money taken into general funds.

John explained that £2000.00 is set aside as Restricted Funds for the purpose of funding the new Children’s Library.

Balance as at 31 December 2017.      £3322.91.

John proposed a vote of thanks for Mr. Martin Flux who audited the accounts.

Evelyn proposed the approval of the accounts which were unanimously approved.

Tess proposed a vote of thanks to John for his “sterling work”. This was unanimously agreed.


Lesley advised that membership currently stands at 42 consisting of 31 Paid Members, 4 Life Members and 7 Free Members. It was with regret that Daphne had recently died. Lesley advised that members’ details are kept for a year, but that if anyone dies she needs to know to amend the records. Lesley advised that due to changes in the Data Protection Act she needs consent for information to be kept on line.


Tess advised that she has some software to do the Newsletter. She asked members how often they would like to receive the Newsletter, which covers FVL information and events and also the Reading Group. The general consensus on the frequency was 4 times a year. She advised that the Chair, Evelyn, remains responsible for Press items. It was generally thought  that contributions from children participating in events would be good to include in the Newsletter and also on Facebook


The following officers were elected to the Committee.

  • CHAIR. Evelyn Knowles proposed by Lesley Telford and seconded by Tess Jessop.
  • VICE CHAIR. Angela Harrison proposed by Fred Woodworth and seconded by Evelyn Knowles.
  • TREASURER. John Carter. Proposed by Tess Jessop and seconded by Fred Woodworth. John gave notice that he will stand down next year. He will provide a handover to the new proposed Treasurer.
  • MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY. Lesley Telford. Proposed by Tess Jessop and seconded by Angela Harrison.
  • MINUTES SECRETARY. Evelyn asked for volunteers. This officer post is to be arranged.
  • PUBLICITY SECRETARY. Tess Jessop. Proposed by Evelyn seconded by Angela Harrison.
  • WEB MASTER. Ian Brownlow. Proposed by John Carter seconded by Evelyn Knowles.
  • VOLUNTEER FACEBOOK OFFICER. Details to follow.
  • EXECUTIVE MEMBERS. Fred Woodworth, Gail Mathie, Claire Grant, Julie Roberts, Jane Nash. Proposed by Evelyn Knowles, seconded by Lesley Telford


Tess stated that membership of the group consists of Rob Jones, Jason Mack, David Bartlett, Tanith Hicks and John and herself. It discusses the development of the Library and meets every two months. Items include repairs, use of the Children’s Library, Daphne’s photos and future plans for the Library.

Tess advised that it is fortunate that the Town Council are very supportive of the Library.

It was thought that it would be useful to include a report from the Steering Group meetings in the Newsletter.

Also John  proposed that members submit their comments and feelings on the new Library as in April/ May there are to be repairs done at the Library and it will have to close. A pop up Library is proposed for the duration of the repairs in Ventnor Central, and it will be necessary to publicise this as much as possible.


Evelyn advised that there will be a Book sale on 7 April 2018 in the Library opening hours.  Although we have some helpers more are required.

Evelyn advised that Val Bridgeman has volunteered to organise a fund raising event.

Ann Allen proposed from the floor that Membership Fees should be increased to at least £5. After much discussion this was put to the vote and an increase to £5. from January 2019 was the majority decision.

Julie proposed that a Wine and Cheese event involving Daphne’s photographs to obtain help and knowledge be arranged. It was also thought that it would be useful to involve the Heritage Centre as they would be likely to have a lot of knowledge that could enhance current knowledge.Julie agreed to organise this in about 3 months.

There was a proposal from the floor to consider having notelets made using the photos. John advised that this would need to be subject to arrangements in process regarding Copyright.


John advised that there are 47 Albums. Daphne’s estate has been approached by letter to formalise that the photos have been given to the Library. The photos are to be digitised and put on a public website. A pilot has been completed of one album on Ventnor shops using notes from Daphne and members personal knowledge. These will then be digitised and then uploaded.The plan is to complete the work by the end of the year. Evelyn again welcomed volunteers to help in the various stages. Lesley suggested that a Facebook group would be a good place to have discussions and involve local people.


Julie advised that she is organising a Raffle for the Book sale on 7 April. She welcomed donations for the Raffle.


This is to be arranged.

April 9, 2018