Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 

Held at Ventnor Library on February 27th 2019 starting at 18:0

In the Chair: Angela Harrison, Vice Chair of the Friends



Nick Balanger, Judy Balanger, Julie Roberts, Clare Grant, Gail Mathie, Ann Dyson, Ian Brownlow, John Carter, Lesley Telford, Angela Harrison, Fred Woodworth.


Town Councillor Jason Mack, Town Clerk David Bartlett

Item 1:  Apologies:

Evelyn Knowles (FVL Chair), Charles and Nina Bagot, David Gammage, Linda Chester, Tess Jessop, Christine Benson.


Item 2:  Approval of Minutes of the AGM held on March 14th 2018:

 Julie Roberts noted that the date of the Minutes did not include the year 2018 which will be added.
 The Facebook Volunteer mentioned in the minutes is Maria Rayner 

It was proposed by Ann Dyson, seconded by Lesley Telford and carried unanimously that subject, to the above, the minutes should be accepted as a true record of the proceedings of the 2018 AGM.


Item 3: Welcome and Report from the Vice Chair:

Angela Harrison explained that as Vice Chair of the Friends she would chair the meeting in the absence abroad of the Chair Evelyn Knowles.  Angela welcomed attendees, specially mentioning the two guests Councillor Jason Mack and David Bartlett the Town Clerk who are both members of the Ventnor Library Steering Group. She continued by reading a message received on 10/01/2019 from Evelyn expressing apologies for her absence, thanking all FVL members for their contributions to the group, and stating that she wished to resign as Chair at this meeting.  However, Angela stated that a subsequent email received from Evelyn on 26/01/2019 stated that she would after all be prepared to stand again for election as Chair. Angela added that the Treasurer and Membership Secretary also wished to stand down because of other commitments.

Angela continued by reminding members of the many achievements and successes of the past year:

 Book Sale 7/4/18 – thanks to all for many donations and gifts of books.
 Second Hoarders’ Sale 1/6/18 – thanks to Val Bridgeman and her team who ran it all week.
 Ventor Day – 7/7/18 – Bric-a-brac sale 10 – 3pm – a hot and exhausting but enjoyable day.
 Book Sale- 11-8-18.
 Daphne’s Photos project launch 22/9/18 – Very successful and enjoyable.
 Book Sale 15/12/18 – with a Christmas theme.

Angela thanked all those who have contributed to the Ventnor Remembered project by taking albums for photo selection and helping with scanning, uploading and annotating images. She thanked John for his tireless work setting up and running the project.

Angela reported that Ventor in Touch continues, with tablet help sessions provided as required.  She thanked John and Ian who have championed this, and Evelyn and Clare who helped her provide tea and biscuits for trainers and students.

All of these activities, Angela said, required teamworking.  She thanked Tess for the many posters she had devised and prepared, and Lesley, Ian and Maria who had kept the membership informed through email newsletters, the web site and Facebook respectively.  Finally she thanked all who had supported the Friends during the year and made these events the success they were.

Angela concluded by apologising for the delay in issuing membership cards, but explained that thanks to Ian who designed and printed the cards this year on his computer we can easily amend the design and print at low cost for future years.

Angela concluded by thanking the Librarians Tanith, Jackie and Sandra who organised many activities at the Library and made it very much a hub for the community.

It was proposed by John Carter and seconded by Fred Woodworth that the Vice Chair’s report should be accepted by the meeting and this was carried nem. con.


Item 4: Treasurer’s Report:  

The Treasurer drew theattention of attendees to the certified accounts statement provided (and attached to these minutes).  He reported that the friends started the year 2018 with £3322.91 (bank and cash) and finished it with £4078.65, achieving a surplus of income over expenditure of £755.74.  Most of this surplus could be attributed to receipts from the Hoarders’ Sale.  He continued by detailing the income and expenditure items as follows: 


Donations £351.02 included £50 from Ventnor Town Council (residual from donations to the aborted boxing club fund), £100 from the BBC as compensation for library books they lost while researching Ventnor for  a radio show, £60 from Mr Harbour, £50 from ‘Telling Tales’ (Sue Curd), and £30 from Bonchurch Book Group.  The balance was collected in the ‘green boxes’.

Events  £115  comprised £55 from a book sale and £60 from the Hoarders’ sale raffle.

Ventnor Remembered Grant   £689   is selfexplanatory.

Subscriptions   £135   is self-explanatory

Income from Sale of Goods   £1016   comprised (approximately) £600 from the Hoarders’ sale, £50 from Ventnor Day, and £360 from book sales.


Administration £256 included insurance £198, membership cards £37 and web site domain name renewal £22.

Donations to Other Organisations £9 funded prizes donated to the Daphne Carter Memorial Bench raffle at the Ventnor Remembered Launch Event.

Event organisers’ Fees  £21  was to purchase archive pens before the official start of Ventnor Remembered.

IT £33 payed for  web site hosting for the year.

Publicity and Advertising  £96 was for manufacture of the two banners, and purchase of the associated Velcro and ties, now used to publicise Friends’ events.

High Sheriff’s Grant Expenditure  £220  funded three performances in the Children’s Library by Huxley the Magician, a talk about snakes, and craft materials.

Ventnor Remembered Project Expenditure  £912 paid for photo gallery software, web site domain name registration and hosting, photo boxes, archive pens, and costs of the Launch Event.  Project expenditure exceeded income by £223 in 2018 as the Lottery Fund withhold 25% of the grant until the project is satisfactorily completed. 

The Treasurer proposed a vote of thanks to Martin Flux of A H Cross & Co who had examined and certified the accounts pro bono.  This was seconded by Lesley Telford and carried nem. con.

It was proposed by Angela Harrison and seconded by Gail Mathie that the Treasurer’s report should be accepted by the meeting and this was carried nem. con.

Item 5: Membership Secretary’s Report:  

The Membership Secretary reported that at the end of 2018 the friends had 54 members, some of whom had renewed or joined up to June.  At the end of February last year the Friends had 21 members who had paid the subscription as then of £3.  There were also 6 Free Members and 4 Life Members.  As at the end of February 2019, the Friends have 21 members who have paid the new annual subscription of £5, and 5 who renewed in January paying £3.


Item 6: Publicity Officer’s Report:

In the absence of the Publicity officer, this item was not taken.


Item 7: Election of Officers and Committee Members for 2019/20:

Candidates for  FVL Officer posts for 2019/20 were proposed, seconded and elected as follows:






Result of Vote







Evelyn Knowles

Angela Harrison

Fred Woodworth

Carried nem. con.

Vice Chair

Angela Harrison

John Carter

Clare Grant

Carried nem. con.


John Carter *

Angela Harrison

Clare Grant

Carried nem. con.

Membership Secretary

Ian Brownlow

Angela Harrison

John carter

Carried nem. con.

Minutes Secretary

No Candidate




Publicity Officer

Tess Jessop

Angela Harrison

Fred Woodworth

Carried nem. con.


Ian Brownlow

John Carter

Julie Roberts

Carried nem. con.

Facebook Officer

Maria Rayner

John Carter

Jane Nash

Carried nem. con.

* In the absence of other candidates, the Treasurer agreed to serve for a further year but again stated his wish to relinquish the post at the next AGM.


The following Committee Members (Fred Woodworth, Julie Roberts, Clare Grant, Gail Mathie, Jane Nash) stated that they were willing to serve again, and in the absence of other nominations, the meeting agreed that they should be elected en bloc.   Proposed Angela Harrison, seconded Ann Dyson, and carried nem. con.


Item 8: Steering Group Report:  

At his point, David Bartlett and Jason Mack were invited to report on the current situation regarding plans for a new Library for Ventnor. David explained that the feasibility study, funded by the island Community Led Housing Programme and carried out by ERMC, had shown that the development of Ventnor Central is viable given the commitment of the Town Council’s partners, the Isle of Wight Council and Vectis Housing, at a currently estimated cost of £1.7M.  The Community led Housing Fund can provide funding of up to £50k per affordable housing unit and the scheme will deliver 11 or 12 of them over three floors above the ground floor relocated Library.  A possible scheme retaining the current façade had not proved practicable, so a modern style building is proposed.  David and Jason showed the meeting a large coloured perspective drawing illustrating the preferred concept, which it was agreed would enhance the Ventnor street scene in Victoria Street area.  Julie Roberts asked if the notes prepared by the Friends some time ago concerning the style and environment of the new building had been taken into account in the study; David assured the meeting that this information had been passed to ERMC by the Town Council.  John Carter reminded the meeting that the Friends had a reserve of £2,000 which was dedicated to fundenhancements to the Children’s Section in a relocated Library, and that the Friends would hope to bring forward grant proposals to, for example, Island Roads for work on the approaches to the Library from the Car park and to the Arts Council (with Ventnor Arts Collective) for external or internal artwork, as previously considered.


Item 9: Fund Raising:  

The Vice Chair stated that she considered that sterling work had been done during 2018 and that she considered that the successful Book Sales and Raffles should continue.  In response to a request for other suggestions, Fred Woodworth pointed out that some of the books donated for sale were preview or first editions, and in some cases were signed by the author.  He stated that some of these may have a sale value on the internet, and he offered to investigate – this was agreed with thanks.

Item 10: Ventnor Remembered:  

The Treasurer reminded the meeting that the objective of the project was to place a selection Daphne Carter’s extensive photo collection on a publicly available web site.  Since the 2018 AGM, a grant for this work had been secured from the Down to the Coast funding body, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and a formal agreement had been signed by the Friends, the Executors of Daphne’s estate, the Isle of Wight Library Service, and the Ventor and District Local History Society defining ownership, copyright and use of the images.  A very successful Launch Event had been held in Ventnor Central on September 22nd, attended by members of Daphne’s family, representatives of the supporting organisations and Ventnor residents; a second low-key event was held in Ventnor Library on Jan 30th.  

The selected photos from seventeen of Daphne’s 47 albums are already on the web site www.ventnorrememberd.org.ukand a further ten are in work.  About 2000 photos have been selected and about 1500 are on the web site.  If the project is to be completed by the end date of June 30th, more help will be needed with all aspects, but especially with photo selection and scanning.

Good progress is being made by a group of Daphne’s friendswith the memorial bench to be dedicated to her, and it hasbeen agreed that the empty photo albums now available canbe offered in exchange for a donation to the Friends’ funds.

Item 11: Future Projects:   

The Vice Chair stated that the priority for 2019 was the completion of the Ventnor Remembered project.  More volunteer help would be helpful as already explained.  There were no other suggestions for other projects for this year.

Item 12:  Any Other Business:  

No other business was raised by the Committee or from the floor.

Item 13:  Date of next Meeting:   

The Vice Chair stated that the next AGM will be held in late February or early March, on a date to arranged later.  She closed the meeting at 7:15pm, and invited attendees to join the Committee for refreshmentsand to look at the Ventnor Remembered web site. 

March 27, 2019