Daphne Carter’s Photos Project: Ventnor Remembered

Daphne Carter was born on September 18th, 1927, in Marlborough.  She moved to Ventnor in 1987 when she retired from her work in Sussex as an Art Teacher and Art Therapist, and lived most of her time at 49 Dudley Road before moving to a small flat in Marine Court, Hambrough Road where she passed away in late 2017.Daphne was very interested in local history, local people, nature, and her garden and was an active member of the Friends of Ventnor Library and the Ventnor and District Local History Society.She became an active photographer in her earlier years in Ventnor, recording the built environment, natural landscape and cultural and artistic life of Ventnor and district from the 1980s to the early 2000s.Her photographs, which she gave to the IoW Library service in 47 albums, provide a record of the area which when preserved and made accessible to all, as Daphne wished, will grow in value in the coming years. The Friends have recently been awarded a grant from the lottery-funded ‘Down to the Coast’ programme for a project to:

  • Select those photographs most appropriate for preservation and on-line publication.
  • Scan the photographs using lottery-funded equipment at the Ventnor Heritage Centre
  • Create a structured photo gallery web site and upload the photos to it with notes
  • Publicise the existence of the archive and invite people to add comments from their personal experience
  • Store the photographic originals and full-resolution scanned images in accessible form

The photo collection includes images of the downs, woods and coastline, parks and gardens, pubs and shops, archaeological and palaeontological excavations, and carnivals and celebrations in the Ventnor area. We wish to involve a large number of Ventnor residents in the photo selection and annotation, and are inviting offers of assistance with:

  • selecting photos from the albums for digitisation, adding notes from their own memories and experience
  • scanning the photos at the Heritage Centre ready for uploading to the web site.

If you are interested in helping with our project, please email:info@friendsofventnorlibrary.co.ukor leave your contact details at the Library in person or by phone on 852039.  We will arrange to meet you at the Library to discuss what is required in more detail.

July 8, 2018