Daphne Carter’s Photo Collection: Grant success!

Hi Everyone,  I’m pleased to be able to tell you that I have been informed by telephone today that our application to the ‘Down to the Coast’ programme for a grant to fund our planned work on Daphne Carter’s Photo Collection was approved by the Review Panel.  The Panel liked our proposal very much and are looking forward to seeing the project achievements.  I will receive an acceptance pack in the next few days and when we have formally accepted the grant offer our bank account will be credited.  When receipt of the funds is confirmed, I will purchase the domain name ‘ventnorremembered.org.uk‘, the photo gallery software, the digital storage devices and the photo storage boxes, and set up the full version of the web site as in the project plan.

Many thanks to everyone who has worked on the project to date.  I was able to explain in our proposal that we had carried out some preliminary assessments of some of the albums in order to estimate the total effort required more accurately, and to plan how we would carry out the work, and I think that this helped our case.

With the funding assured, we can proceed with confidence.  We have photos from three more albums ready for scanning and if anyone would like to help with this please let me know.  We also have many more albums to be assessed.

I plan to publicise our project at Ventnor Day on Saturday, and have arranged to explain it briefly to attendees at the Local History Society meeting on July 27th.  We are also planning a Project Open Evening on September 22nd at a Ventnor venue which is yet to be confirmed; our grant includes funds for holding this (please save the date).

Kind regards, John.

July 5, 2018