Appeal from the Acting Chair

Dear Friends of Ventnor Library,

As many of you will know, Evelyn Knowles, our Chair, has had to resign for health reasons, and has moved to the mainland for care.

Our Vice-Chair and Secretary, Angela Harrison, has resigned for personal, family-related reasons.

Our Treasurer, John Carter, has wanted to resign for some time now.

I have stepped back in from being a Committee Member to holding the Chair until the next AGM.

The remaining Committee (and presumably many FVL members) wish to express our appreciation of the efforts and work of Evelyn, Angela and John in support of FVL.

The Committee, however, is weakened by a shortage of key post-holders, and would welcome volunteers to join us in maintaining our support for Ventnor Library.

Any Friends who are interested in helping fill any of the posts on the Committee (as listed in the AGM agenda) are hereby asked to make their interest known to me or any other member of the Committee or library staff. The work load is not excessive — depending on how ambitious we intend to be.

I feel that this support has been, and continues to be, valuable to Ventnor Library. It was nine years ago that we saved our library from becoming volunteer-run, or possibly from closure. It has continued, through efforts of the staff and FVL and Ventnor Town Council, to grow as a hub for the community.

Although the hope of moving to the Ventnor Central site has been unsuccessful so far, it is hoped that other deals can still be made in the future. In the meantime, although the library has been saved, in these uncertain times, we must remain vigilant and determined to keep our library in Ventnor.

Please do come along to this year’s AGM and contribute to the discussion about the future of Friends of Ventnor Library and what more we can do.

Fred Woodworth (
Acting Chair, FVL

February 26, 2020