A Message from FVL Chair, Evelyn Knowles

It came as a great disappointment to hear that the proposal to move to Ventnor Central was not possible at the moment. As ever, it was a question of reliable funding and circumstances had changed. So, once again, we take a deep breath and look at what we can do.Our Ventnor in Touch project continues to attract members and actually brings in new ones. Activities for children continue under the guidance of Library staff, and with the support of the High Sheriff’s Trust. More on this in the Treasurer’s report.

Our newest project is to use the photos our dear friend, the late Daphne Carter, which she deposited at the Library with the intention of making them available for all. You will see more details in this Newsletter and I echo the request for help on this project. If any of you would be interested in

  • selecting photos suitable for keeping.
  • gathering information about them.
  • Adding what knowledge you have of earlier years in Ventnor and surrounding villages.You would not be working on your own but with one or two others. This takes place in the library.

If you are interested than call me on 855193 or evelynk@talktalk.net

For helping on the technical side then contact our Treasurer, John Carter.

Meanwhile, thank you for your continuing interest in Friends of The Library.

March 7, 2018