Getting around the web site

The new web site, launched in November 2017, has a different look and a standard way of getting around, which hopefully you will find both attractive and useful.

On every page

At the top of all pages you will find a search link, and a menu bar.

At the bottom of all pages is a social media bar which we will be developing soon.

  • Entering text in the search box lets you find content within our site
  • The menu bar, with it’s drop downs, provides shortcuts to our most popular content. If you get lost there’s always a link to the home page at the far left. This may be the word “Home”, or on some browsers with smaller screens a button with lots of horizontal lines.

Beyond the homepage

Once you leave the homepage menus will appear on the right hand side of the screen allowing you to see archived content (by month and year), and a list of items filtered by category.

On mobile, some tablet, and some small screens

The menu bar may not display text until it is expanded by pressing the button on the right with horizontal lines in it.